Monthly Archives: March 2013

Donna (surname withheld) of Stone Mountain, GA, is one of many US citizens who is unsure why her Social Security disability benefits have been denied.  What she does know now is the importance of hiring a Social Security lawyer who can assist her in a courtroom. Donna, who suffered a work related injury in 2005, […]

Looks like another law practitioner is in trouble with the law… Eric C. Conn, an Eastern Kentucky Social Security disability lawyer, alongside federal judge, David B. Daugherty, committed wholesale fraud.  Conn received millions upon millions of dollars from the government for handling disability claims that Daugherty deceivingly approved. What happened here is that many cases […]

Same sex couples will now be receiving military benefits. Defense Secretary Leon Panette says discrimination based on sexual orientation, “has no place in the Department of Defense.” But same-sex spouses will still not be able to receive Social Security benefits, immigration privileges or health care and housing due to 1996 Defense of Marriage act. Panetta […]

Injured armed services members who are still on active duty have a little less to worry about.  A proposed law called the Recovering Service Members Disability Benefits Act would rush the Social Security disability process for said patriots. Usually there is a 5-month waiting period for injured active-duty armed services personnel.  Of course, they still […]