Monthly Archives: April 2013

Have you heard of COLA?  No, it’s not the soft drink you buy at convenience stores or fast food joints when you’re looking to quench your thirst.  COLA is the cost of living adjustment for Social Security and veterans’ benefits.  Washington DC politicians are bringing up a budget deal that could lead to major cuts […]

The debate to lash the federal budget deficit has topped Mt. Everest in altitude as its placed center stage in Washington.  What is the government proposing?  Slashing Medicare and Social Security benefits, which would greatly affect the millions of Americans who have “paid” into them. What happens if you’re planning on retiring?  Well, some elderly […]

Annual income data has shown that there has been an inequality in America in terms of earnings since 1937.  What this shows is that the average American is dealing with a stagnating income whereas top earners are skyrocketing with gains.  The Social Security Administration’s data captured the information from individuals during 1937 to 2004. What […]

Obama is set on clarifying a misconception regarding this country’s Medicare program.  Most Americans don’t realize that Medicare recipients receive only what they have paid for through taxes, premiums and medical co-payments.  Basically, for every dollar you pay to Medicare, you draw about $3 in benefits.  This misconception is what’s giving politicians a headache in […]

Protestors at a rally in downtown Chicago want lawmakers to protect America’s social security.  A wage cap has been imposed on the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax that hinders a lot of workers and protestors want the makers to “scrap the cap”. Along with scrapping the cap, the demonstrators want to see the full […]

Belinda Kirby, the co-owner of a Dimmitt concrete company pleads guilty as charged for scamming with her brother-in-law to illegally obtain $42,000 in Social Security disability payments. Kirby had asked Ricki Dale Wilcox, her brother-in-law, to work for her company and claim to be disabled.  Subsequently, they avoided reporting wages to the Social Security Administration, […]

Erika J Mitchell / Bernie Sanders, an independent senator of Vermont, had held an 8.5-hour protest on the Senate floor in late 2010 to stop Barack Obama’s late 2010 tax deal with Republicans.  He failed.  Now Sanders, the Senate’s most liberal member, claims will do what it takes to prevent Obama’s push for cuts […]