Monthly Archives: May 2013

If anyone recalls, last October it was all over the news that a Bumble Bee Foods employee had been cooked to death in an industrial oven.  Personal injury lawyers handled the case and now a report has been releases describing what exactly went down. Jose Melena, 62, had been ordered by his supervisor to load […]

Talk about a scare… Washington Officials have let out the news that the Washington State Court system has been hacked into.  What this means is that your driver’s license number along with millions of others’, including Social Security numbers, has fallen into the wrong hands. The data accessed allows the hackers to commit financial fraud, […]

With the upcoming sequel to director J.J. Abram’s Star Trek reboot premiering a few weeks away, everyone’s prepping to boldly go where previous installments of the space series has gone before.  On that list is none other than U.S. District Judge Otis Wright. During a trail that had lawyers chasing after illegal porn downloaders, Wright […]

Many are worried about President Obama’s vow to work with Republicans in terms of budget cuts.  His recently produced 2014 budget proposal hints at cutting well-deserved Social Security benefits in the future. With the way things are going, the Social Security program is going to run out of money in the next few decades anyway.  […]

President Obama has vowed to continue attempting to work with Republican lawmakers when it comes to Social Security and Medicare benefits…even at the cost of irritating many of his Democratic supporters. Obama states, “Occasionally I may make some of you angry because I’m going to reach out to Republicans, and I’m going to keep on […]

If you’re planning on retiring and receiving health-care benefits from your employer, then best of luck to you.  Benefits are going through a drastic change and due to rising costs employers are eliminating health-care benefits for former employees. With the Affordable Care Act altering things, even more employers are re-strategizing in order to contain their […]