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If you’re in the denominator of people seeking to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and have no clue what to do, well, Kindle Books has just published a 33 FAQ sheet. Aren’t sure what SSD Benefits actually are and how they can help you?  Don’t know the difference […]

The Social Security Trustees is trying to be put citizens at ease. This past May they released an annual report covering Social Security Finances.  The report states: not to worry, we can count on Social Security benefits. At least until 2033. With their in-depth look the report says that 100 percent of promised benefits will […]

As many approach the official US retirement age…a concern tempts the mind: when is right to start accepting Social Security benefits? With the engulfing county-wise deficit issue, and Social Security benefits already depleting, senior citizens are growing impatient…nervous. Here are the three options they have to consider…either they take their Social Security benefits early, they […]

A new investigative report from Scripps Howard News Service has frightened many US citizens.  It turns out that personal information received from a government phone program has been exposed to the Internet.  The personal information includes Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and copies of welfare cards. Scripps reporter Isaac Wolf says, “”They have […]

Social Security Disability Insurance is on the fritz.  And sometimes people who are suffering from impairments that prevent them from working are left screwed and unglued even though they fully qualify for the insurance. Why? Well, time is a deciding factor when it comes to eligibility.  The uncertainty can lead the applicants to a panic […]

With politicians finally challenging the long-term debt problem, veterans are uniting to prevent them from making any serious changes to disability payments. Veterans are currently fearing receiving smaller rations…believing that the government owes them their due for sacrificing their lives in war…or the bigger fear: being cut off completely. The American Legion’s Louis Celli speaks, […]

Social Security Disability claims are skyrocketing.  In 2011, the US government paid more than 23 million Americans about $250 billion in disability claims.  And with claim money running out in 2016, politicians are being forced to raise taxes, cut the benefits, or dip into the Social Security funds for more dough. Why is this happening?  […]