Monthly Archives: July 2013

Many retirees are wondering if it’s wiser to take Social Security benefits before the set age.  It’s usually suggested that it’s best to wait.  But folks have done their research and now those who have weighed their options are wondering if they would benefit more by taking them earlier. Mark from Chattanooga, Tennessee has learned […]

Sure, Social Security spending is dwindling down to nada.  Sure, everyone’s panicking about benefits running out and what can be done to properly distribute them.  But…did you know that over 31 million dollars have been paid off to the dead? A recent audit has illustrated that 1,546 deceased had been receiving benefits for up to […]

Bet you didn’t know that immigrants pay for your Medicare. Congress has been wanting to close borders for quite some time with their immigration reform act but this could deplete Medicare’s already dwindling trust fund. The current issue of journal Health Affairs states that within a seven-year period immigrants paid $115.2 billion in Medicare than […]

Due to economical pressures Medicare soon won’t be able to pay out one hundred percent of promised benefits to its seniors.  A recently released report states that this can be delayed with slower health care spending. According to trustees of Medicare and Social Security, this can’t be underestimated and the two years that this would […]

If you’re planning on retiring and want to make sure you qualify for Social Security pension the Social Security System has established some new guidelines that you should take a look at. Emilio de Quiros, SSS President and Chief Executive Officer, says, “Members affected by the new policy must file an ‘Application for Voluntary Payment […]

We’ve all heard of Social Security scams, but this one is a dozy. A woman who buried her mother in the backyard of her home has been accepting her Social Security checks for the past 14 years.  She now owes the government $141,962. Apparently, taking the SS benefits weren’t part of her plan.  She had […]

If you absolutely, positively have to start collecting Social Security Benefits before the standard retirement age, you know that you’re not going to receive the full potential amount. Since concerns with Social Security distribution are bursting the Geiger counters, the SS Administration has put their foot down on previous options: before you could have taken […]