Monthly Archives: September 2013

With sources depleting the federal health reform (aka the Affordable Care Act) will be going into full force come January 1st.  What that entails is the expansion of the Medi-Cal program to appease more than a million low-income California citizens who haven’t had access to medical care. The issue here is that there aren’t enough […]

A man who had been submitting fraudulent $2.6 million Medicare scheme involving power wheelchairs and other equipment has pleaded guilty in federal court. Akinola Afolabi, the former owner of a medical equipment supply company in Long Beach, had been submitting false insurance claims on behalf of his company between 2006 and 2009.  Medicare paid out […]

Photo: Black Moon/WikiCommons If you suffer from mental illness, do you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?  Sure, why not?  I mean, you can’t go to work; you’re not going to be financially secure.  But there are a few things a candidate has to provide the government if they are indeed suffering from mental illness […]

A two-year fraud investigation has turned up with results: over 70 people in Puerto Rico have been busted for distributing fake Social Security disability payments. Among the perpetrators are three doctors, an ex Social Security Admin employee and seventy-one people who made phony medical claims.  More than $2 million dollars is what these folks will […]

The Social Security retirement fund is drying like a once-flourishing well.  By 2035 in order for folks to see some sort of pension, benefits have to be sliced.  But just a few years from now… 2016, to be exact… congress needs to start taking a look at Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). If you’ve lost […]

The Social Security Disability Insurance fund is depleting and many are wondering what they’re going to do when they’re left high and dry. As an example, Matthew Rini of Harwood Heights in Illinois, is a disabled man who is about survive via his job as a Chicago tour guide and via the $400 allowance he’s […]

The Better Business Bureau is finally taking reality into consideration and suggesting businesses, schools and health providers find a better way of identifying employees, students and patients. With Social Security fraud at all time highs the BBS advices folks who are being asked for their Social Security numbers by the above identities to inquire under […]