Monthly Archives: October 2013

Hey, online scams are a dime a dozen.  We all fall for them.  First you’re browsing the web for a cheap pair of sneakers you can have delivered to your home; the next thing you know you have a mail-order bride and have to pay the bride’s child support and alimony.  We know.  It happens. […]

How much do you actually know about Social Security? Did you know that isn’t just for retired folks?  SS has three principle programs – retirement (which we’re all aware of), Disability Insurance (for those who can’t work because of either work-related injuries or because of birth defects) and Supplemental Security Income (for low-income US citizens). […]

Reports of unwarranted abuse of disability income by those involved in the program should come as no surprise.  With many folks laid off from their prospective jobs, many have turned to relying on the Social Security Disability Insurance – only under qualification.  The thing here is that the service may as well be retiled the […]

Social Security Disability Insurance faces a major crisis: funds are depleting and cuts have to be made. The growth of SSDI was not an over night thing.  It’s been increasing for decades now.  Only now is when anyone has been taking notice.  But is it too late? Unemployment issues have also seen an increase in […]

Senior Citizens – and many retirees already benefiting from Social Security Retirement – come October 1st will be quickly enrolling for Medicare. But, hey, what happens if you’re already a retiree on Medicare?  What does the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, mean to you?  Matthew Eyles, executive vice president of a healthcare consulting […]

2035 is the year officials have targeted as the end of Social Security.  This means that it’s time for decisions to be made. But 2016 is the year they have to set their eyes on and quick: Social Security Disability Insurance is in the red.  Both SSDI and Old-Age & Survivors (OAS) share a funding […]

Labor Unions are in panic mode.  Why?  They have poked into the Affordable care Act and don’t like what they have learned: in order to keep the “redistributional” medical care the Department of Health and Human Services will distribute delays or waivers from Obamacare. What this means is that it only allows treatments that are […]