Monthly Archives: November 2013

  Well, here we go again with another jab at the withdrawn, idled, mind-guzzling affects the Xbox has on the cyber generation. What’s so bad about the Xbox? Orange County men on disability or fans of the Xbox may not care for Charles Payne’s recent speech to a group of right wings. According to Charles […]

The youth of today is very naïve.  Especially when it comes to facts regarding Social Security.  Heck, grown adults don’t even know everything that Social Security entails… A poll conducted by CNN and ORC International involving 1,010 people… teens to seniors over the age of 65 proved that folks just don’t understand the importance of […]

Seems like billionaires are looking for a scapegoat regarding the deflating Social Security funding.  The Peter G. Peterson Foundation has been trying to get college students to blame senior citizens for the economy; their point being that these kids are screwed when it comes to their “Social Security inheritance”. $2.9 million-worth billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, former […]

Photo: CNBC Simon Hobbs, news anchor for CNBC, received a backlash when attacking the “supposed threat” of senior citizens collecting Social Security benefits.  His argument is that their laziness and hording of their claims will leave the U.S. bankrupt.  Thankfully, Damon Silver of the AFL-CIO is incredibly well informed and shot him down. “The last […]

As a result of the recent government shutdown, some 58 million Social Security beneficiaries will see a 1.5% rise in their benefits.  This percentage is based on increases in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). The nice thing for those who haven’t claimed Social Security benefits yet is that […]

Even though attempts at defunding Obamacare have failed, the opposition is now setting its sights on Social Security and Medicare.  How can this be prevented? President Obama’s 2014 budget involves drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare that could leave the elderly, retirees, and the disabled in despair.  This move now has him working side-by-side […]