Monthly Archives: December 2013

Many question are arising around Covered California’s health insurance exchange, especially ones about income and household size. Here are 10 FAQs and answers pertaining to the application process for Obamacare Health Insurance. 1. What should you include on your reported income? The income you report for the Affordable Act insurance will, in most cases, mirror […]

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin isn’t retiring his crusade to wake Americans up when it comes to the touchy subject of retirement.  In a proposal to call out fear-mongers for their role in blaming the national debt on Social Security, he is urging Washington to realize how much retirement is in major crisis. The national debt […]

If you don’t want to be paying someone else’s medical bills for the bones they broke after a ski trip gone bad, it’s best to make sure you follow certain precautions regarding medical identity fraud. The California Department of Justice Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit created a set of five basic rules to ensure you […]

The tragic myth of the old cat lady, living in a hobble, feasting with twenty feral felines and sharing their food is a stark reality in this country. The lack of reform for Social Security has employers shifting from the good old days of well-executed retirement plans to the current 401(k)s. Senators are starting to […]

It’s a scary projection, but the Social Security Administration’s website claims the Social Security Fund will be depleted by 2033! This basically leaves only twenty years for the system to change and everyone knows these kinds of changes moves at a snails pace. One thing is for certain and that’s the probable influx of career […]

Senior Citizens of Orange County you can start putting that time-share in Florida to good use thanks to Senator Sharrod Brown of Toldeo, Ohio. Brown is aiding in backing the “Strengthening Social Security Act of 2013” which would provide senior citizens with increased benefits and the ability to pay off past debts. Due to the […]

Oops, Anthem Blue Cross did it again! The only slight twist in this scenario is instead of Blue Cross accidentally releasing private information about the patients, they released social security numbers and tax ID numbers of staff doctors. For almost 24 hours, almost 24,500 doctors were affected by the mistake, resulting in Anthem honoring free […]