Monthly Archives: January 2014

President Obama is urging to reinstate emergency unemployment benefits, but doing so would slow growth and impose an great burden on the working poor. Usually state governments provide a basic benefit for 26 weeks, averaging $300 a week. Washington authorized additional benefits during the Great Recession for as long as 99 weeks. Recovery is in […]

In the wake of 9/11, some retired New York City police and firefighters filed fraudulent disability claims. Social Security Inspector General Patrick O’Carrol told a House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security about a lucrative Social Security scheme masterminded by four Long Island, NY, men. Executed search warrants on these four men turned up […]

The popular opinion about Social Security is to wait as long as possible before beginning to collect. However, some couples might benefit from a “split strategy”. This means that one couple claims a payout at age 62, while the other one waits as long as possible before collecting. The size of your benefit increases 8% […]

“Race and Retirement Insecurity in the United States”, a new study published by the National Institute on Retirement Security, shows a morose picture of the retirement savings of minority American families. The mean amount of retirement savings held by black households is $20,132 and $17,600 by Latino household, which are paltry when compared to the […]

The word “Entitlements” has recently come under a lot of scrutiny. The New York Times recently ran a great piece examining two different opinions on the word. Judith Abrams, a New York City reader, expressed her concern over The Time’s use of “Entitlements” to describe Social Security and Medicare. She believes that Social Security is […]

People who are denied Social Security Disability benefits need help.  The arduous process to get the benefits that you are entitled to requires assistance from a professional.  The Kenneth G. Marks Law Firm specializes in Social Security Law, and can help you get your benefits. Generally, once denied benefits, people usually appeal to one of […]

Third Way, a centrist, democratic think tank has recently come under a lot of heat for their stance on Social Security. Surprisingly enough, the pressure isn’t coming from the Republicans, but from fellow democratic organizations such as Social Security Works and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Although Third Way and the groups protesting are all […]