Monthly Archives: March 2014

  As we celebrate Women’s History, we should remember Frances Perkins contribution to the nation. She was the first woman cabinet member in U.S. history, and served as Secretary of Labor under President Franklin Roosevelt. She is credited by many historians as being the architect behind FDR’s New Deal program. She was also primarily responsible […]

This week, during a hearing of the Ways and Means Committee on the President’s Fiscal Year 2015, Tom Reed questioned the Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on the insolvency and impending bankruptcy of the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDIP). Reed was concerned Secretary Lew did not address or mention the forthcoming insolvency of the SSDIP, […]

A recently released survey shows that a large percentage of people over 55 claim to be pretty confident about their decision-making in regards to benefit claims. According to the same survey, however, only 5% of those people could answer crucial questions about Social Security. This survey was financed by Financial Engines, which offers strategy advice […]

Without Social Security benefits, a large number of seniors would be living well below the poverty level. Although it was never meant to be a main source of income, more than 90% of people over 65 receive Social Security benefits, and nearly one in five married retirees and one in two unmarried retirees rely on […]

Robina Asti, a 92-year old World War II veteran is fighting the Social Security Administration, who, following her husbands death, have denied her survivor benefits. The SSA says that she was a male at the time of the marriage, which nulls the marriage. Asti married Norwood Patton, her long-term partner, in 2004 in New York. […]

Sixteen Democratic senators wrote to President Obama telling him that they don’t want to see budget cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid in his annual budget. In last year’s budget, Obama proposed changing the way the government calculates inflation. This would have reduced retirement benefits as well as increased some taxes. The budget as […]

1. Are Social Security benefits subject to federal income tax? This will depend on your total income, because the more you make, the more taxes you pay on your benefit. If you file as an individual and your combined income – your adjusted gross income plus one-half of your Social Security benefits- is below $25K […]