Monthly Archives: April 2014

A lawsuit has been filed against The Walt Disney Company. The 16 families who are filing the suit are claiming that Disney Theme Parks don’t do enough to accommodate children with autism, and are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to these families, it is more difficult for autistic children to wait […]

On April 9th, Advocates for Iowans with mental disabilities or brain injuries gathered at the Statehouse to denounce the years-long waiting lists for support services. According to the advocates, 7,700 Iowans are waiting for a Medicaid waiver that would grant them access to medical services such as in-home therapy, living-skills training and respite care. Kim […]

On Tuesday, key members of Congress brought attention to two Social Security judges who may have approved thousands of bogus disability claims. According to members of Congress, the Social Security Agency has yet to review the applications approved by David B. Daughtery in Virginia and Charles Bridges in Pennsylvania, who have been accused of making […]

  Most people in the U.S. have Social Security numbers. You usually need them if you’re applying for a job, collecting government benefits or applying for a credit card. Your Social Security card is tied to very sensitive, important data about yourself, so it goes without saying that you should be very cautious about giving […]

Although it was thought to become a popular law, once passed, the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) has yet to gain positive traction with the majority of voters. Democrats promised that the law would change people’s lives for the better,however,  it has yet to reach that goal. With the enrollment window for health insurance plans coming […]

There is a major change to Social Security regulations in the proposed 2015 budget by President Obama, which, if enacted, would eliminate popular Social Security claiming strategies that have significantly increased the size of people’s benefits. Although it does not mention the strategies by name, it does say it is aimed at “duplicative or excessive […]

The Social Security Administration announced that it would be processing applications for veterans with a rating of 100% Permanent and Total disability much faster. This is great news for the many disabled veterans who have had trouble getting their disability payments. Social Security plans on treating these veteran’s application as high priority, and swiftly making […]