Monthly Archives: May 2014

There has been warning after warning about the looming shortfall between what people have saved and what they will actually need in order to maintain their lifestyle in retirement. Most Americans are counting on Social Security as their primary source of retirement income, with everything else being additional income. The main reason for this is […]

Many people, especially those of the post-welfare generation, believe that welfare is a dated system, and a problem that needs to be solved. What they don’t think about is that, perhaps it is not welfare, but rather poverty that is the problem. Most people don’t realize that they themselves enjoy a host of hidden government […]

Your social security number is essentially your identity, as it essentially acts as your password for everything from loans to taxes. Having this one number may seem convenient, but if it’s easy for you to use, then it’s definitely easy for fraudsters as well. Social Security numbers were first issued nearly 80 years ago, but […]

Andrew Young, former United Nations Ambassador, Atlanta Mayor, congressman and civil rights icon, is pushing for President Obama to add photos to social security cards. Since the Supreme Court slashed the Voting Rights act of 1965, photo identification laws across the country are more likely to be enacted.Young stresses the importance of providing a free […]

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programs (DACA) grant some undocumented youths temporary work authorization and a two year reprieve from deportation.  Many states have been using the DACA to help undocumented aliens to receive healthcare. If you partake in the DACA program, you are given a valid Social Security number, a work permit (on […]