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People with real needs are often denied Social Security Disability benefits – even when they are eligible. Often, the denial does not stem from eligibility issues but from the complexity of coordinating multiple government agencies. In these situations, those seeking Social Security benefits must take initiative to protect their own interests. Successful appeals for benefits […]

Yeah, you may know what social security is but do you have any idea how it works or if maybe you need an attorney? A new article posted by Yahoo Finance describes 10 straight facts regarding social security.  How do you know you may not need to find a social security attorney to make sure […]

If you’re retired and still working you better watch your back.  Don’t think everything is fine and dandy with you receiving Social Security benefits and a healthy paycheck.  If this statement appeals to you, then part or all of your social security benefits could be temporary withheld. You can fully retire when you’re 66.  But […]