Monthly Archives: December 2015

Getting approved for Social Security benefits due to back pain is becoming more and more difficult. The pain or injury may be debilitating, and may keep you from leading a normal life or working, but the term “pain” is subjective and is difficult to measure. Oftentimes, the pain or limitation actually experienced by the claimant […]

This is a serious debate here but should an employer be required by law to give a handout to recovering drug addicts? Disability attorneys were hoping to expand the Americans with Disabilities Act protections for employees in recovery.  The terms stated that employers have to provide long-term disability benefits to workers at risk of relapse.  […]

Ever hear of Compassionate Allowances (CAL)?  Well, we all know Social Security has to quickly provide benefits to applicants who meet disability standards.  That’s where Compassionate Allowances comes in. CAL is a quick way of identifying medical conditions that fall under the Listing of Impairments that allows Social Security to make their decisions on who […]