Monthly Archives: February 2016

PBS’s Larry Kotlikoff recently gave advice to a man named John about his Social Security benefits. John had called Kotlikoff asking if Social Security had given him the right advice, and upon checking it out, Kotlikoff concluded that Social Security had not only given him the wrong advice, but had given him the worst possible […]

Every guy wants the most beautiful girl in the room’s number. In the same way, thieves want your Social Security number. Even though men might ask, most women don’t feel obligated to give out their phone number to a stranger, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to give out your Social Security number to everyone who […]

The Congressional Budget Office says we’re in trouble: Social Security is becoming as dependable as Velcro holding up the Empire State Building.  Social Security spending is going to double over the next decade with social security disability appeals rising sky high. Planning to retire?  Looks like you’re screwed and unglued.  Unless the federal government gets […]