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For many Americans, the threat of encountering a serious illness or injury that prevents them from working is a distant concern. However, as we age, the possibility of suffering a disabling condition becomes much greater and those distant concerns all to often become immediate troubles. In fact, About 30 percent of Americans ages 35-65 will […]

Social Security depends on medications and schooling records greatly when it comes to ADHD disability cases. Social Security disability circumstances submitted on the basis of ADHD can be incredibly challenging to win, but it is not impossible. Parents who are persuaded their children are disabled as a result of ADHD should keep a number of […]

On Tuesday, key members of Congress brought attention to two Social Security judges who may have approved thousands of bogus disability claims. According to members of Congress, the Social Security Agency has yet to review the applications approved by David B. Daughtery in Virginia and Charles Bridges in Pennsylvania, who have been accused of making […]