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For anyone currently in the process of applying for Social Security benefits, a common question is “why is the decision taking so long?” While some attribute the lengthy process to bureaucratic sluggishness, that isn’t always the case. In order to properly evaluate each case, sometimes the SSA takes a lot of time to make their […]

The Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund was developed for people who are injured or sick, and who can no longer earn an amount in excess of $1,130 per month. During 1990 less than 2.5 percent of Americans above the age to work were collecting from this pool. During 2015, that number rose to 5.2 […]

Reports of unwarranted abuse of disability income by those involved in the program should come as no surprise.  With many folks laid off from their prospective jobs, many have turned to relying on the Social Security Disability Insurance – only under qualification.  The thing here is that the service may as well be retiled the […]

With politicians finally challenging the long-term debt problem, veterans are uniting to prevent them from making any serious changes to disability payments. Veterans are currently fearing receiving smaller rations…believing that the government owes them their due for sacrificing their lives in war…or the bigger fear: being cut off completely. The American Legion’s Louis Celli speaks, […]

Social Security Disability claims are skyrocketing.  In 2011, the US government paid more than 23 million Americans about $250 billion in disability claims.  And with claim money running out in 2016, politicians are being forced to raise taxes, cut the benefits, or dip into the Social Security funds for more dough. Why is this happening?  […]