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  It’s true, social security disability insurance (SSDI) can be confusing. You might not be sure if you qualify or what the process even entails. Before you start the process, check out the top 10 things you need to know before you apply.

While you probably know the importance of preparing for retirement, have you ever considered what would happen if you become disabled before you reach retirement age? Studies say that 25% of people in their 20s will become disabled before retirement. While many people believe that Social Security Disability Insurance is the answer, unfortunately this coverage […]

Commonly, social security disability benefits are associated to those suffering from a debilitating injury. But did you know that if you suffer from a mental illness, you might be eligible for disability benefits as well? The Social Security Administration evaluates mental disorders according to a number of predetermined categories. If you exhibit symptoms of one […]

Applying for benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program can be a long and frustrating process. It isn’t unheard of for applicants to wait several months before getting a response from the Social Security Administration. This is where an SSDI attorney can help, but choosing the right one is important. Having an experienced […]

The year 2015 will see some positive changes in Social Security. Beneficiaries of the program will receive a 1.7% increase in payments, and some workers will receive statements of benefits in the mail showing their future retirement benefit. The 1.7% cost of living increase will amount to about $22 more per month for a typical […]

This is a serious debate here but should an employer be required by law to give a handout to recovering drug addicts? Disability attorneys were hoping to expand the Americans with Disabilities Act protections for employees in recovery.  The terms stated that employers have to provide long-term disability benefits to workers at risk of relapse.  […]

Ever hear of Compassionate Allowances (CAL)?  Well, we all know Social Security has to quickly provide benefits to applicants who meet disability standards.  That’s where Compassionate Allowances comes in. CAL is a quick way of identifying medical conditions that fall under the Listing of Impairments that allows Social Security to make their decisions on who […]