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While you probably know the importance of preparing for retirement, have you ever considered what would happen if you become disabled before you reach retirement age? Studies say that 25% of people in their 20s will become disabled before retirement. While many people believe that Social Security Disability Insurance is the answer, unfortunately this coverage […]

Social Security Disability Insurance faces a major crisis: funds are depleting and cuts have to be made. The growth of SSDI was not an over night thing.  It’s been increasing for decades now.  Only now is when anyone has been taking notice.  But is it too late? Unemployment issues have also seen an increase in […]

2035 is the year officials have targeted as the end of Social Security.  This means that it’s time for decisions to be made. But 2016 is the year they have to set their eyes on and quick: Social Security Disability Insurance is in the red.  Both SSDI and Old-Age & Survivors (OAS) share a funding […]

Photo: Black Moon/WikiCommons If you suffer from mental illness, do you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?  Sure, why not?  I mean, you can’t go to work; you’re not going to be financially secure.  But there are a few things a candidate has to provide the government if they are indeed suffering from mental illness […]

The Social Security retirement fund is drying like a once-flourishing well.  By 2035 in order for folks to see some sort of pension, benefits have to be sliced.  But just a few years from now… 2016, to be exact… congress needs to start taking a look at Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). If you’ve lost […]

The Social Security Disability Insurance fund is depleting and many are wondering what they’re going to do when they’re left high and dry. As an example, Matthew Rini of Harwood Heights in Illinois, is a disabled man who is about survive via his job as a Chicago tour guide and via the $400 allowance he’s […]

Social Security Disability Insurance is on the fritz.  And sometimes people who are suffering from impairments that prevent them from working are left screwed and unglued even though they fully qualify for the insurance. Why? Well, time is a deciding factor when it comes to eligibility.  The uncertainty can lead the applicants to a panic […]